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iTwin Power BI Visualization element group enhancement

The Power BI visualization tool would be really useful IF it allowed you to configure multiple different groups of elements into it. each with a different configurable color. This way I could highlight different sets of data at once, for example I...
Stuart Keeling 14 days ago in Visualization 0 Needs review

Turn levels and/or models off

Please add the ability to right click an entity in the i-Twin and set the level and/or model visibility to on or off.
Scott Turner about 1 month ago in iModel Management 0 Needs review

Create the ability to schedule clash detection runs

Since i-Twin information can be updated on a schedule, it would be beneficial to also be able to schedule the clash detection run. For example, models could be updated in the evening and the clash detection run after such that when the team return...
Scott Turner 3 months ago in Clash Detection 2 Needs review

Add automatic version creation

It is tedious and not the best use of time to have to manually create versions of i-Twins. Please add the ability to create a named version (with naming rules) after successful synchronization.
Scott Turner about 1 month ago in iModel Management 0 Needs review

Please include customized roles (manage roles) i InfrastructureCloud version

Please include the option to customize roles (manage roles) under 'Manage your team', so that users can be divided into subdiscipline roles such as 'Civil' 'drainage' 'road' - it was possible in PW365 but not in infrastructure cloud (yet).
Cecilie Sylvest Bæksted about 1 month ago in Issues and Forms 0 Needs review

Export to new ProjectWise document

When exporting forms, there is an option to export to ProjectWise, but only to an existing document. Please add the capability to export to a new ProjectWise document.
Scott Turner about 2 months ago in Issues and Forms 0 Needs review

Duplicate or Save-as function for iModel

can we develop 'Duplicate or save-as' functionality available in Bentley iModel, allowing users to avoid repeatedly uploading models through connections? Our objective is to create iModels for Certain purposes such as Project Package review, for I...
Jerald Galang 7 months ago in iModel Management 2 Future consideration

Create the ability to categorize clashes based on priority

When running clash detections on multi-disciplinary models, certain disciplines will have a higher priority than others. For example, structural would be a higher priority than electrical.Different priorities should also be able to be color-coded ...
Scott Turner 3 months ago in Clash Detection 0 Needs review

Solidworks connector

We expect to have a connector to synchronize model designed by Solidworks directly. There are so many users having mechanical assets.
Susan Tang over 2 years ago in Synchronization 0 Future consideration

Description Column on iModel

So that models can be easily identified
Mujtaba Hedayat 7 months ago in Visualization 1 Will not implement