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Welcome to the iTwin Platform's feedback portal. We plan to expand iTwin Platform's capabilities with your open feedback, further advancing infrastructure digital twins.



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Know About HousePro Home Improvement

HousePro is a premier home renovation company located in Kernersville, USA. It has great experience in full kitchen and bathroom remodeling, makeovers, and simple updates and It has completed hundreds of projects for satisfied local clients, and I...
Guest 1 day ago in Reality Data 0

Actor properties shown in Chinese

For now the datasmith files exported by itwin can only show English language user defined properties in UE. I hope itwin could support more language including Chinese.
Guest 2 months ago in iTwin Platform Expansion 0

Space Mouse 3Dconnexion support

with a SpaceMouse it's easy to navigate through the Model without switching between different Mouse Actions. So, you can start measuring on one side of a wall rotate the model to the other side and continue measure. Also, you can walk/fly through ...
Guest 3 months ago in Visualization 0

Read the Section position 、 view depth and Section box of the cut

In modeling software,A model has been cut many times,It is hoped that the published model can read the Section position 、 view depth and Section box of each cut; Realize the effect of isolating and displaying the internal components of the current...
Guest about 2 months ago in iModel Management 0

Online Boolean operation

In actual modeling, such as walls, beams, plates, columns, etc., they often cross. When carrying out work such as quantity calculation, it is necessary to calculate the cross part.
Guest 5 months ago in iModel Management 1 Already exists

Create space box online

In the actual application of a project, it is necessary to identify a spatial range and its components, which are used as a new object for management and business process connection.The creation of space range is generally done by drawing geometry...
Guest 5 months ago in iModel Management 0

Solidworks connector

We expect to have a connector to synchronize model designed by Solidworks directly. There are so many users having mechanical assets.
Susan Tang over 1 year ago in Synchronization 0

Inventor connector

A lot of Chinese users have the assets of non-standard equipment. They expect to have a connector to synchronize model to iModel designed by Inventor directly.
Susan Tang over 1 year ago in Synchronization 0

OpenPlant Modeler Connector

Ability to have a direct connector to sync OPM files directly.
Alexander Fuller about 2 months ago in Synchronization 0

Allow Projects to Cancel Synchronizations

We had a situation where there was an issue in our source models that caused the synchronization process to hang/fail (SR 7001478437). Instead of writing a ticket and waiting for Bentley to cancel the synchronization (which took days), the Project...
Austin Dumas 3 months ago in Synchronization 0