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Welcome to the iTwin Platform's feedback portal. We plan to expand iTwin Platform's capabilities with your open feedback, further advancing infrastructure digital twins.



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"scale is zero" error when importing iModel into Unreal Engine 5 using the iTwin Exporter for Datasmith

hello This is not an "idea" but a question - wasn't able to find a community for itwin/unreal engine. Please refer to the screenshot attached. I can share the iModel and the .SP file if needed. thanks, Shaohua
Shaohua Guan 9 days ago in Game Engines 0

Solidworks connector

We expect to have a connector to synchronize model designed by Solidworks directly. There are so many users having mechanical assets.
Susan Tang about 1 year ago in Synchronization 0

Inventor connector

A lot of Chinese users have the assets of non-standard equipment. They expect to have a connector to synchronize model to iModel designed by Inventor directly.
Susan Tang about 1 year ago in Synchronization 0

iTwin Interoperability Service

iTwin Interoperability Service is a centralized, asynchronous messaging service that supports extensible workflows at any scale. It provides a framework to listen to all events around your Digital Twin and trigger actions / workflows in connected ...
Kaustubh Page 11 months ago in iTwin Platform Expansion 0

NetworkTopology API

Network tracing capabilities are quintessential to value-added workflows for large-scale digital twins such as network, neighborhood, System, city, regional, or national scale. The NetworkTopology Service provides a common capability to perform ne...
Kaustubh Page 10 months ago in iTwin Platform Expansion 0 Planned

Tekla Connector

Some of the users use Tekla to design and create their models in structure area. They also want to synchronize those models into iModel. However, we don't have such kind of connector at this moment. We'd like to have one.
Susan Tang about 1 year ago in Synchronization 0 Planned

Selection set by Sphere

Project Managers would like to be able to select a set of objects in an itwin for classifying hazardous areas or Holds by sphere.
Sam Migliore about 2 months ago in Visualization 0

Weather Service

Provides access to weather information based on a iTwin project location. Current conditions, forecast and historical observations are available. Construction and field-based maintenance workflows require contextual weather information to predict ...
Kaustubh Page 10 months ago in iTwin Platform Expansion 0

Import same hierarchy as authoring tools when using any iTwin bridge connectors

Why: It will be consistent for users who are working on different tools Who: Construction Users How: So user will not have to again work on fixing the hierarchy of model/components
Manoj Jamma 2 months ago in Synchronization 0

Control Hierarchy level in NWD connector

The ability to control the hierarchy level before syncing the model thru NWD connector will give users control over where to limit the lowest level. for example, user can limit the hierarchy level to pipe spool or steel assembly. This is useful fo...
Manoj Jamma 2 months ago in iModel Management 0