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Space Mouse 3Dconnexion support

with a SpaceMouse it's easy to navigate through the Model without switching between different Mouse Actions. So, you can start measuring on one side of a wall rotate the model to the other side and continue measure. Also, you can walk/fly through ...
Guest over 1 year ago in Visualization 1 Already exists

Description Column on iModel

So that models can be easily identified
Mujtaba Hedayat 12 months ago in Visualization 1 Will not implement

Support gravity walking on inclined plates

When starting gravity walking, when the selected surface is an inclined plate, people may experience problems with being suspended or entering the plate, which means that a third person cannot identify the obliquity height.
Guest about 1 year ago in Visualization 0 Future consideration

iTwin Power BI Visualization element group enhancement

The Power BI visualization tool would be really useful IF it allowed you to configure multiple different groups of elements into it. each with a different configurable color. This way I could highlight different sets of data at once, for example I...
Stuart Keeling 5 months ago in Visualization 0 Future consideration

Selection set by Sphere

Project Managers would like to be able to select a set of objects in an itwin for classifying hazardous areas or Holds by sphere.
Sam Migliore over 2 years ago in Visualization 0 Future consideration

cubic mapping pattern

we expect to have a issue resolution to support cubic mapping pattern,for the reason that this kind of mapping is very common and indispensable for the users.
Guest about 3 years ago in Visualization 0 Future consideration