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Duplicate or Save-as function for iModel

can we develop 'Duplicate or save-as' functionality available in Bentley iModel, allowing users to avoid repeatedly uploading models through connections? Our objective is to create iModels for Certain purposes such as Project Package review, for I...
Jerald Galang 2 months ago in iModel Management 2 Future consideration

Clash Detection - Undo Manual Suppression

On many of our large projects we use the iTwin clash detection engine extensively. We are dealing with large multidiscipline models. After the first initial test run, results are reviewed and Rule based suppression is applied to repetitive accepta...
Lourens Van Emmenis 20 days ago in Clash Detection 0 Needs review

Description Column on iModel

So that models can be easily identified
Mujtaba Hedayat 2 months ago in Visualization 1 Will not implement

Convergent modeling

MSR-I-1371 Log under Microstation Bentley product being based on parasolid kernel which have Convergent Modeling Parasolid with Convergent Modeling - for extending classic B-rep modeling to facet data. Can this capabilities be extend to enhance th...
Luc Poulin 13 days ago in iTwin Platform Expansion 0 Needs review

Support gravity walking on inclined plates

When starting gravity walking, when the selected surface is an inclined plate, people may experience problems with being suspended or entering the plate, which means that a third person cannot identify the obliquity height.
Guest 5 months ago in iModel Management 0 Future consideration

Add parameter settings for model publishing

In the model, there are numerous types and quantities of views. I hope to increase the parameter settings for model publishing and choose which views and sheets to publish before model publishing; Publishing parameters include: view parameters, sh...
Guest 5 months ago in Synchronization 2 Already exists

Solidworks connector

We expect to have a connector to synchronize model designed by Solidworks directly. There are so many users having mechanical assets.
Susan Tang over 2 years ago in Synchronization 0 Future consideration

Itwin Exporter for Datasmith

The exporter is not taking the timeline sequence from Navisworks 2024. I want the sequence for Construction Animation in order to input into Unreal Engine.
Dominic Truter 30 days ago in Game Engines 0 Needs review

Space Mouse 3Dconnexion support

with a SpaceMouse it's easy to navigate through the Model without switching between different Mouse Actions. So, you can start measuring on one side of a wall rotate the model to the other side and continue measure. Also, you can walk/fly through ...
Guest 11 months ago in Visualization 1 Already exists

Inventor connector

A lot of Chinese users have the assets of non-standard equipment. They expect to have a connector to synchronize model to iModel designed by Inventor directly.
Susan Tang over 2 years ago in Synchronization 1 Future consideration