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Description Column on iModel

So that models can be easily identified
Mujtaba Hedayat 7 months ago in Visualization 1 Will not implement

Actor properties shown in Chinese

For now the datasmith files exported by itwin can only show English language user defined properties in UE. I hope itwin could support more language including Chinese.
Guest about 1 year ago in Game Engines 1 Will not implement

Weather Service

Provides access to weather information based on a iTwin project location. Current conditions, forecast and historical observations are available. Construction and field-based maintenance workflows require contextual weather information to predict ...
Kaustubh Page over 2 years ago in iTwin Platform Expansion 0 Will not implement

Subsurface Data & OpenGround Workflow API

APIs to display and manage geotechnical data and OpenGround Workflow. Subsurface Data API Ability to visualize surface data Subsurface Profile Borehole Information Ability to query subsurface data OpenGround Workflow API (Core Services with Monoli...
Kaustubh Page over 2 years ago in iTwin Platform Expansion 0 Will not implement

RVT model replication link display issue

In Revit software, you can add link files for standard layers, and then use the copy and paste function to copy the link files by elevation to quickly establish a high-rise model. After saving, you can open it again to browse the high-rise model n...
cybertwin0819 cybertwin0819 10 months ago in iModel Management 1 Will not implement

Get form attachments endpoint is not returning PW links

Neither the "Get project form data", the "Get form data details", nor the "Get form data attachments" endpoints return the linked ProjectWise documents. The iTwin platform documentation states that the Get form data attachments "Retrieves the meta...
Iñigo Lorente Riverola 7 months ago in Issues and Forms 1 Will not implement

Unreal 5.3

Will Itwin / Datasmith plugin be updated? I read on another forum you have stopped development. Thanks
David McLaughlin 5 months ago in Game Engines 1 Will not implement

Itwin Exporter for Datasmith

The exporter is not taking the timeline sequence from Navisworks 2024. I want the sequence for Construction Animation in order to input into Unreal Engine.
Dominic Truter 6 months ago in Game Engines 0 Will not implement

Exporting Schema/Parameters

Exporting all included parameters in each model in csv or excel file
Jerald Galang 7 months ago in Export 1 Will not implement

Being able to do clash detection like in OpenBuildings Designer.

To make it easier for those who don't want to do programming.
Guest over 1 year ago in Clash Detection 1 Will not implement