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We hope that Bentley can support RPC content in iTwin.

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欢丽 朱 2 months ago in iModel Management 0 Needs review

Subsurface Data & OpenGround Workflow API

APIs to display and manage geotechnical data and OpenGround Workflow. Subsurface Data API Ability to visualize surface data Subsurface Profile Borehole Information Ability to query subsurface data OpenGround Workflow API (Core Services with Monoli...
Kaustubh Page about 2 years ago in iTwin Platform Expansion 0 Will not implement

Webhooks for Issues/Forms

Please give us webhooks for Issues and Forms, so that we can take programmatic action when issues/forms are updated or created.
Iwan Kinal 8 months ago in Issues and Forms 0 Future consideration

Get form attachments endpoint is not returning PW links

Neither the "Get project form data", the "Get form data details", nor the "Get form data attachments" endpoints return the linked ProjectWise documents. The iTwin platform documentation states that the Get form data attachments "Retrieves the meta...
Iñigo Lorente Riverola 3 months ago in Issues and Forms 0 Needs review

iModelODataService – Live Query

Current platform implementation for report generation is through batch data process (cold path query). Reports generated through batch data process might not satisfy all workflows where user is looking for dynamic query of the data (hot path query...
Kaustubh Page about 2 years ago in iTwin Platform Expansion 0 Planned

Add "Clear Cache" to the iTwin Synchronizer

The iTwin Synchronizer bloats up hard drives by storing cache files. This isn't apparent to users. The idea is to add a "Clear Cache" button to settings. This will not only allow a user to free up a potentially large chunk of hard drive space but ...
Brett Young over 1 year ago in Synchronization 0 Future consideration

Allow Projects to Cancel Synchronizations

We had a situation where there was an issue in our source models that caused the synchronization process to hang/fail (SR 7001478437). Instead of writing a ticket and waiting for Bentley to cancel the synchronization (which took days), the Project...
Austin Dumas 11 months ago in Synchronization 0 Future consideration

Local synchronization library

Ability to locally trigger iModel synchronization runs with locally installed connectors.
Laisvune Valackaite 11 months ago in Synchronization 0 Future consideration

Improve UV maps of combined mesh

I found several problems with the UV of the exported model using the "combine mesh". Making it impossible to use custom materials.
Thiery Peleias about 1 year ago in Game Engines 0 Future consideration

Selection set by Sphere

Project Managers would like to be able to select a set of objects in an itwin for classifying hazardous areas or Holds by sphere.
Sam Migliore over 1 year ago in Visualization 0 Future consideration