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Control Hierarchy level in NWD connector

The ability to control the hierarchy level before syncing the model thru NWD connector will give users control over where to limit the lowest level. for example, user can limit the hierarchy level to pipe spool or steel assembly. This is useful fo...
Manoj Jamma over 1 year ago in Synchronization 0 Needs review

Allow sorting in the different get projects API

Currently, when querying "My projects" or "Favorite projects", we can provide paging (default to 100 items per page, configurable), however, we cannot request sorted data. If a user have more than one page of projects, it is required to download t...
Guest over 2 years ago in Administration 0 Future consideration

Unreal: Add milestones as a marked frame in the sequencer animation.

To have a reference of the animation with the synchro schedule, in a simple way. Because it is easy to reference marked frames some blueprints.
Thiery Peleias about 1 year ago in Game Engines 0 Future consideration

Add the possibility to delete previous versions.

Save space on the hub.
Guest about 1 year ago in File Storage 0 Future consideration

Integration with Twinmotion and phasing data

Could there be a “Twinmotion” export mode. In this mode, the animation data would be ignored (only because Twinmotion does not yet ingest Datasmith animation data). Since Synchro Pro puts different materials on objects over time, perhaps the way a...
Guest almost 2 years ago in Game Engines 0 Future consideration

Appearance profile color and animation in non-combined scenes

Some projects require modification of individual meshes so need to use the advanced export. It would be good to reflect the appearance profiles as these can represent specific work activities.
Guest almost 2 years ago in Game Engines 0 Future consideration

gbXML Connector

The Green Building XML schema, or "gbXML", is a popular interchangeable format in the buildings industry for LCA use cases. gbXML integrates with many building analysis software (as listed in the link below). These additional integration will allo...
Kaustubh Page over 1 year ago in Synchronization 0 Future consideration

Indicate Loading before Export

Currently, there are tooltips on the coordinates indicating when a model is loading, but it would have been nice it there was a separate tooltip always on display next to the Export button telling the user, whether the model is currently loading i...
Guest over 1 year ago in Export 0 Future consideration

Linked Files in Revit Connector

I'd like to advocate for an option to include linked Revit file support as an option in the Autodesk Revit iTwin Connector. With this option, the iTwin ingest workflow could be a single operation. Revit files rarely operate in the absence of other...
Brett Young almost 2 years ago in Synchronization 0 Future consideration

Reality Data Analysis Service

Reality Data Analysis Service leverages AI/ML to automatically analyze reality data. Working on images, videos, maps, laser scans and 3D meshes, it extracts automatically elements of interest to serve transverse activities such as asset inventory,...
Arnaud Durante almost 2 years ago in iTwin Platform Expansion 1 Already exists