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Clash Detection

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Create the ability to schedule clash detection runs

Since i-Twin information can be updated on a schedule, it would be beneficial to also be able to schedule the clash detection run. For example, models could be updated in the evening and the clash detection run after such that when the team return...
Scott Turner 3 months ago in Clash Detection 2 Needs review

Create the ability to categorize clashes based on priority

When running clash detections on multi-disciplinary models, certain disciplines will have a higher priority than others. For example, structural would be a higher priority than electrical.Different priorities should also be able to be color-coded ...
Scott Turner 3 months ago in Clash Detection 0 Needs review

Clash Detection - Undo Manual Suppression

On many of our large projects we use the iTwin clash detection engine extensively. We are dealing with large multidiscipline models. After the first initial test run, results are reviewed and Rule based suppression is applied to repetitive accepta...
Lourens Van Emmenis 6 months ago in Clash Detection 0 Planned

Clash Detection – Show ‘Unsuppressed’ clash Category in clash Results

Some of our clash tests yield very large clash count totals ranging into the tens of thousands. A lot of these clashes are acceptable clashes that can be suppressed by a combination of rule based and manual suppression. The first step in clash det...
Lourens Van Emmenis 2 months ago in Clash Detection 0 Needs review

Copy rules from other project

Clash rules may be developed in one project that are also needed in a separate project. Currently there is no way to copy rules from project to project without manually recreating them.
Scott Turner 3 months ago in Clash Detection 0 Needs review

Being able to do clash detection like in OpenBuildings Designer.

To make it easier for those who don't want to do programming.
Guest over 1 year ago in Clash Detection 1 Will not implement