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Status Future consideration
Categories Synchronization
Created by Brett Young
Created on Dec 6, 2021

Linked Files in Revit Connector

I'd like to advocate for an option to include linked Revit file support as an option in the Autodesk Revit iTwin Connector. With this option, the iTwin ingest workflow could be a single operation. Revit files rarely operate in the absence of other Revit files and I don't see why the single connection can't operate as a surrogate for multiple bridges, posting individual files up to the iTwin platform. Using the Navisworks bridge with an NWD isn't a great option because the Revit metadata gets mangled and dropped. Linked DWG files need not be supported as they are becoming less common. Ingesting / linking from Revit is a hurdle to using the iTwin platform for blended tech projects.